Johanna Castillo, Got The 2nd Place on Miss Mundo Latina

Fashionista Latina Model, Johanna Castillo, Miss Honduras Got the 2nd Place and Recieved The Award for The Best Body On Miss Mundo Latina USA 2010.


Katie DeLuca said...

Hola Fashionista Latina! I had the great pleasure of attending your fashion show at Dolores Lolita! I was absolutely in loveee with the swim wear! :) I am also a model, based out of Miami, Florida. If there is any chance you guys are looking for another model, I'd love an opportunity to try out! :)

Here is the link to my facebook page so you can find me if you are interested :)

Best Wishes and Much Success!!
Katie DeLuca

Ouidad Blog said...

Johanna Castillo should also get an award for The Best Hair... look at her waves! She's glowing from head to toe.

You must be super busy, I miss the everyday fashion show on your blog! ;-)

Katie for Ouidad

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