Make A Fashion Statement - Learn How To Accessorize Your Outfit


Sometimes the plainest outfit can be brought to life by adding the right accessories. Accessorizing allows you to show off your personal style and personality traits, and can always be a little playful and fun. If you’re not the type of girl who enjoys avant-garde clothing; accessories are the perfect way to add flair and intrigue into your wardrobe.  


There’s something so fabulous about wearing a clean silhouette, with a classic top and a pair of skinny jeans, then; adding a pair of beautiful, wow-factor shoes. Whether you go for flats or stiletto heels, your shoes, can be the pop of color your outfit needs to slide it into a seasonal trend or statement. Before you go buying any new shoes however, make sure you can walk fearlessly in them; struggling to walk, or tripping over regularly is not a good look for anybody. If you’re feeling confident in your style choices, then pick a pair of shoes with an on-trend print, a bold color, or a decorative embellished heel; your choices are endless, whatever your budget may be, so have fun!


Although jewelry can be beautifully delicate and subtle, there will be days where you’re ready to rock a bold statement piece, which will liven up any outfit choice. Whether you wear costume jewelry or fine jewelry; the best thing about statement pieces is you can mix them up and change the whole feel of an ensemble. Maybe you want to go for a full festival theme and add a boho moonstone pendant, or perhaps you’re wearing a tailored silhouette, and you juxtapose the look with a chunky, African-inspired necklace. Whatever you choose, layer the accessories up and see what works well together.


Hats don’t just have to be worn in the winter months as a functional and warm accessory; there are always different hats on trend throughout each season. A hat can be the cherry on top of your outfit’s cake, and will often pull a look together. Large sun hats and straw trilbies can add interest to even the most basic of summer and beachwear; take a look here for some playful options. If beanies are your thing, then consider one with a huge pom-pom, or even two! If you don’t feel like you suit a hat, there are plenty of smaller headwear options like fascinators, headbands, head scarves, and decorative hair pins and clips, ensuring you’re bound to find something that you feel great wearing.


Bags are brilliant because they can boast both useful functionality and have potentially beautiful decorative qualities. Once you’ve thought about what size would best fit all your belongings inside and which strap style is going to be the most comfortable throughout your day; the fun can start. Much like your shoes, a bag is the chance to represent the latest in fashion trends, through pattern, colors, and shape. A handbag can be playful and tongue-in-cheek, or a serious design statement, depending on what you’re wearing and how you’re feeling on any particular day. There’s always an occasion (or excuse) to go bag shopping, so get going!


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