Just in time for Summer, My 2 Stylish New Watches

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One of my favorite seasons in Miami has arrived and now's the time to choose a new luxury watch that is up to date, not just a fashion trend, but with your new you. Time changes all around us including ourselves and maybe the watch you've been wearing for the last years, as beautiful as it is, might not match your taste or personality. It just so happens that summer is the right moment for refreshing you look! 

Fashionista Latina has partnership with Broadway Italia, fashionable jewellery that interprets the latest trends and is aimed at a wide target audience.
Bros Manifatture has Penelope Cruz as Brosway’s brand ambassador. Her Latino charm and elegance are in perfect harmony with the brand.
Theres no better detail in your outfit than a luxury watch, what I love about Broadway Italia's watches is there style, the quality is amazing, they carry different designs and styles for everyone. 

Here are my two candidates for my #MUSTHAVE for this Summer 2017 :

Stainless steel watch, blue dial with zircons and leather strap.  ClickToShop


White and sand varnished leather, stainless steel buckle with gold pvd. ClickToShop

Wearing a little clock on your wrist in Zelda's era was an indispensable tool - how are you going to show up for tea at the Biltmore or meet your Beau for an illicit dip in the Pulitzer Fountain. Which means that the wristwatch, in addition to marking the hours, must offer a whole lot more than mere ticking! It must be breathtakingly stylish, or at least fantastically amazing. Look on fleek with this timeless addicted accessories! 

Check out their full watches collection on their website : www.brosway.com 

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