The Emotionally Unavailable

After being 6 times heartbroken, thousand kisses of experience and million nights of pure nightly thinking, Im 31 and Alive. Each of my love connections had showed me more about myself, my virtues, my flaws, the power of my words, my 0% revenge soul and that crying doesn't makes me weak.
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As complex human beings, we all like, love, care, and think differently but sometimes I ask myself : How to genuinely connect with someone in this modern and superficial world? 

I dont wanna generalize or point fingers on people, but I dont think Im alone in this Elevator which is constantly on "STAND-BY".

Few months ago, I was totally on Dating Mode - I met different people, some of them cute but very different - but not quite the ONE - Until I got bumped with this new specie - THE EMOTIONAL UNAVAILABLE.


These type of men can be nice guys, act like a best friend and can make you laugh all the time.But the more closeness, the more he steps back - so you are in a constant wonder "what's wrong with him?" 

While you have a fantastic time with him, which keeps the hopes high - and leaves you stuck in this constant mental game trying to convince yourself that  he may give you that emotional intimacy you desire , for real.. - but he may never do it - He doesn't like closeness.


  • He will say he likes you but he doesn't like commitment.
  • Won't contact you every day
  • One day he will text you : Hi beautiful - next day Hey! 
  • You are not the only one dating him.
  • They talk about their exe's constantly. 
  • They'll feed you with tiny pieces of emotional words just to keep you there but not too close.
  • They can show vulnerability but It will shut down quick. 
  • More a “Take-off-your-clothers only” type of relationship.
  • He will watch all your Snapchat or Ig stories but will not message you in days - Basically like a ghost.

How is someone Emotionally Available? 

Self confident  
They will put effort to see you, connect with you and get to know you. 
He will contact you every day 
No games 

Can I change him?

You cant fix him, you believe that you can fix everyone.. Probably building the illusion that you will change him and he will turn into this prince charming who escaped from Disney Channel Movie just to be with you... Nope! You are not a shelter hun! - The only person capable to fix him is himself. So LET IT GO !

 Trust  your intuition - deep inside, you know that if he doesn't put the effort and you are the only one, 100% open, then you will end up heart broken. As I said, He will be the only who can fix himself, you are not shelter - Start being picky of who you bring to your life

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