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Sometimes I feel is hard to find a pair of jeans that fits my curves  #curvystruggle. I have an apple bottom booty that of many pants fit and that can be for ONE reasons.:

- LOW RISE : its not that they don't fit but they are uncomfortable to wear, they go down from the back and every one can see your crack..something that is not lady like! #Nomegustanesospantalones

I don't think this only happens to me, Im sure there are many fashionistas who struggle like me. We are always looking for "what's TRENDING". Trends come and go..
Remember don't feel forced to wear something that doesn't fits your curves or just because your favorite store have it on the maniqui. A real fashionista knows that style is not what you wear..the style is who wears it.

At the start of this year, I saw some ads from FASHION NOVA,  I'm not a person who is used to buy online. First of all, I'm not size 2 so when it comes to pants or jeans or even skirts I always need to try them onI. But this time was different, I saw in their adds, all this bootylicious ladies so I decided to give it a try and I bought a pair of their high rise jeans. Three days later, I got it in the mail, it had a very cool wrapping plus some discounts coupons. When I tried them on... Girl,I swear! it was a miracle! They are comfortable, soft denim and the best part is that they fit me perfectly!!! I'M VERY HAPPY, you should totally check out there online store or follow them on IG maybe you end up finding the perfect pair of jeans like me! :)




One of my favorite peruvian designers, DONNA CATTIVA, have the quality leather shoes, the style of the brand is so cool, chic and they are 100% leather. I'm so happy to collaborate with a Peruvian designer for this look because is my country and it makes me feel emotional..idkw!


If you have any question about jeans write me to my email here, I will be more than happy to support you in any doubts. Hope this article has helped you to find your DENIM SAVIOR.




Unknown said...

Those jeans really fit you! I am so glad you found what you wanted. I agree that trends come and go, as YSL said "Fashion fades, style is eternal".

Ivan Jose said...

Still pretty, nonetheless. Well, all people have their struggles. Good thing you continue to overcome yours.

Ana De-Jesus said...

Aw the struggle for the perfect pair of jeans I remember it well. I love your shoes x

Unknown said...

Yes the nightmare task of finding the "perfect Jeans" . However you certainly have found yours. They look fab on you and I adore those shoes.

Unknown said...

Cute top and shoes very trendy now the shades so cool

Unknown said...

I am in the exact same pants predicament. In fact, I wore only dresses from about 2006-2012 because that was the low-rise era and near one pair of paints seemed to cover my lovely curves! I am absolutely going to check out fashion nova!

Unknown said...

And those shoes are amazing!!!

Unknown said...

I like these red sunglasses and the whole outfit is very nice!

Reviews By Kathy said...

I love this outfit!! So cute!

Dunja said...

You look great! And that outfit is so dope, i really like the shoes and the hat :D

PR Daily PH said...

Oh you look gorgeous! I especially love your heart sunglasses!

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