How’s your Venus "Retroshade"?

Well, this is not one of those "what-to-do" lists where I can tell you how to avoid Venus Retrograde this year because is impossible. As My astrologist friend says:  this energy is impossible to stop and the more you avoid it .. the more you get tested by the universe.


Now, let’s go to the point or I might say many points that the shade of Venus is bringing to our lives. 

Have you been feeling that your exes are following you like Michael Jackson on Thriller? 

 Are your finances been shaken up lately .. to the point you been doing express pool on Uber every time you go out? 

Or .. Did your beauty sleep isn’t working this month?

 Oh well, You have the retro shade following you like a MF drone. And I’m here to confirm that you aren’t alone in this boat, really ..  I feel you. 

We’re currently in the shadow period of Venus retrograde 2018 -- meaning that the planet’s full-blown retrograde is lurking just around the corner, waiting to sprinkle us with confusion and mixed emotions when it comes to love, money, and luxury for six whole weeks beginning Oct-5 and ending Nov - 16. 
Sorry to be a little salty, but come on -- this is literally the 7th planet to go retrograde in the past few months alone. 

We are going through the astrological ringer, amigos! 
But we’ve survived this far, so hold on! 

When Venus is in retrograde it makes us,  re-evaluate and re-think of all our relationships & passions that are surrounding ourselves, and tries to show us if they have as much beauty as they are supposed to.
Venus retrograde in transit is a time of introspection and reassessment," explains Astrology King. "Use Venus retrogrades to improve how you feel about yourself, to love yourself more. Think about what really brings you pleasure.
Today’s the time to think about all those things that are important but not necessarily for you to act on! 

I wanna make sure I leave this clear and transparent for each of you : DO NOT BE TEMPTED by dusty old exes..  expensive beauty products... Extreme haircuts or any new love prospects. 

Let’s use this time instead for GROWTH & REFLECTION. 
No todo lo que brilla es oro...

Check out my advices for this Venus of retro- shade :

  • Do not jump into New Relationships : "Destiny encounters are possible and may be in contact with your soulmate." Said Astrology King. You will probably be Head over heels like Alanis Morissette, Do not hold on it just don’t dive deep into. 

  • Ending a relationship : It might happen for a lot of you, especially if you have been already thinking about ending your relationship, now this feeling might Be clear like water. But, acting by your feelings may not be the move. So think hard, and if you still feel like the relationship is in SOS-mode when Venus moves, you’ll have much more clarity at that point to inform how you want to proceed.

  • Do not fall in the hands of your EX : For these weeks, Just listen to Dua Lipa "New Rules" in repeat like anthem! The likelihood of old feelings might grab you in twist wave where you will fall in your ex hands. Instead of getting swept on away in lust and "I miss You", Focus on all the things you learned from your past relationships so you can choose better. 

  • Shopping Like Kim K? : As you know, Venus rules money as well, so don’t make big  purchases, this can make shake your finances. Leave all those Luxury item on your wish list, believe me they won’t go anywhere. HOLD your Amazon Prime for these days. 

  • Beauty sleep & Beauty Routine not working? :Please  do not chop your bangs or try a new haircut! Venus is related with Beauty, so if its retrograde, Do not make changes in your natural beauty because you may feel like revamp yourself! Do not Bleach your whole head! Or shave your eyebrows! PLEASE! As well, No tattoos!

  • Ager Management? : Do not lose your temper, relationships are under the microscope this time for everyone so express yourself gently. Des-pa-ci-to! 

Just remember to keep it safe, do not over expend, Think about your growth and do not lose your temper. 

Good Luck! 

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